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The BIRD mission is completed for launch with the PSLV-C3 in 2001

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  • Institut Für Weltraumsensorik Und Planetenerkundung
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DLR has a longstanding experience in the Earth observation. BIRD is the first complete satellite with payload which has been developed and built by DLR. The main BIRD payload is a bi-spectral IR pushbroom sensor dedicated to recognise and analyse high temperature events (HTE) such as forest fires, coal seam fires and volcanic activities on Earth surface. The design-to-cost mission BIRD is to demonstrate new and compact infrared imaging sensor technologies as well as small satellite technologies for a micro-satellite with a total mass less than 100 kg. The BIRD satellite and payload have been completed. BIRD is scheduled for a piggy back launch together with an Indian remote sensing satellite in the middle of 2001.

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