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Analysis of the magnetic behaviour of Ce1− xGdxCo2compounds

Physica B Condensed Matter
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DOI: 10.1016/s0921-4526(98)00052-0
  • Ce1− Xgdxco2Compounds
  • Magnetic Exchange Interactions
  • Lattice Parameter
  • Spontaneous Magnetization
  • Mean-Field Phenomenological Model
  • 3D–5D Hybridization
  • Philosophy


Abstract Experimental data on the spontaneous magnetization m s( T) of Ce 1− x Gd x Co 2 compounds were analysed using a mean-field phenomenological model which takes into account the exchange interactions between atoms of the three magnetic species (Gd, Ce, Co) as well as the crystal electric field interaction on the Ce ions. This model allowed us to obtain, through a numerical fitting procedure to the m s( T) curves, the composition dependence of the Gd–Co and Co–Co exchange interaction strengths ( A Gd–Co and A Co–Co, respectively) and of the Co magnetic moment m Co. Both A Gd–Co and A Co–Co increase considerably with the Ce content, while m Co decreases linearly from x=1 down to the composition x=0.15; below the latter value of x, the magnetic ordering is suppressed. The intermediate valence of Ce, as suggested by the composition dependence of the room temperature lattice parameter, being also compatible with the obtained thermal variation of the Ce contribution to the total magnetic moment, is expected to play an important role in the enhancement of the A Gd–Co and A Co–Co interaction strengths, through a net reinforcement of the 3d–5d hybridization.

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