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The E2E entitlement curriculum: guidance for local LSCs and providers, final release version 1, 19 march 2004

Learning and Skills Council


Entry to Employment (E2E) Draft Accreditation Policy THE E2E ENTITLEMENT CURRICULUM GUIDANCE FOR LOCAL LSCs AND PROVIDERS Final Release Version 1 19 March 2004 E2E Entitlement Curriculum Page 1 of 28 Issue 01 March 2004 Executive Summary The E2E entitlement curriculum has been produced to offer guidance to E2E partnerships (and local LSCs and providers in particular) in respect of both accredited and non-accredited components of the learning cycle within E2E programmes. It is published to coincide with the issue of the revised E2E Passport and forms part of the revision and refinement of the E2E Prospectus. It is intended that the entitlement curriculum guidance will be updated over the next twelve months in order to take account of: • current developments in respect of the application of credit to E2E and the reviews of the National Qualifications Framework, Vocational Qualifications and Entry Level provision • the outcomes of the Working Group for 14 – 19 Reform and in particular developments around Entry and Foundation Level Diplomas • the LSC’s own work on recognising and recording achievement and progression in non-accredited learning and measuring distance travelled • the review of the existing guidance on progression and qualification bonuses in E2E (specifically local level 1 equivalents as a result of the LSC’s work with the Network for Accrediting Young People’s Achievement). The E2E Prospectus The E2E Prospectus was published in January 2003 and outlines the E2E learning framework and provides advice and guidance in respect of the implementation of E2E. This guidance on the E2E entitlement curriculum is part of the refinement and expansion of the Prospectus and offers more detailed information on the nature of the E2E curriculum, which must underpin any individualised E2E programme. This guidance supersedes section 5 of the current E2E Prospectus

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