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Self-Disclosure as a Situated Interactional Practice

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Microsoft PowerPoint - Barcelona 2011Developing Creative Contexts Developing Creative Contexts: the challenge of articulating value Dr Lorraine Warren, School of Management, University of Southampton, Highfield, Southampton, UK, [email protected] Fátima São Simão, PINC – Creative Industries Centre of the University of Porto’s Science and Technology Park (UPTEC), University of Porto, Portugal, [email protected] Presented in Barcelona, 5-6 May 2011, Creative Regions in Southern Europe: Challenges and Opportunities Overview � Developmental paper, examines the dynamics underlying value creation at the PINC Creative Industries incubator at the University of Porto’s Science and Technology Park (UPTEC). � Background � Conceptual underpinnings – Complexity theory (Fuller and Warren 2008-11, ongoing) � The case (Sao Simao, Director, ongoing) � Future questions – creating and capturing value 2. Background: Creative industries within EPSRC CREATOR Project � Empirical research: Tracking co-creation in projects between groups of technologists and artists � Proboscis’ Sensory Threads project (people, their health, the local geographic context …) � Gesture and Embodied Interaction workshops at Newcastle and Cambridge (motion capture) � IT-Innovation, a company involved in developing a new business model for a portal in the post-production rendering industries in Soho � MiPP Platform (Sussex) Connecting mo-cap to architectural heritage � SETsquared incubators (Southampton, Bristol, Surrey, Bath): case of PINC Value? � Major source of innovative ideas that contribute to the development of new products and services � Offer services that may be inputs to the innovative activities of other enterprises and organisations within and outside the creative industries � They are intensive users

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