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Commission work programme 2011 Vol. II: annexes. Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament, the Council, the European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions. COM (2010) 623 final/Vol. II, 27 October 2010

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Microsoft Word - st15772-ad01.en10 EN EN EUROPEAN COMMISSION Brussels, 27.10.2010 COM(2010) 623 final VOL. II ANNEXES to the COMMUNICATION FROM THE COMMISSION TO THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT, THE COUNCIL, THE EUROPEAN ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL COMMITTEE AND THE COMMITTEE OF THE REGIONS Commission Work Programme 2011 EN 2 EN Annex I : Strategic initiatives scheduled for adoption in 2011 Title Type of initiative Description of scope of objectives Foreseen adoption date Restoring growth for jobs: Accelerating towards 2020 Strengthening economic governance and initiating the European Semester 1 Annual Growth Survey Non-legislative As part of the follow-up to the Commission's Communication on Europe 2020, the Commission will present an Annual Growth Survey accompanied by a Communication which will be the main input for discussions at the Spring meeting of the European Council. The survey will include both a review, reporting on progress, and a forward-looking part proposing strategic policy guidance horizontally across Member States. 1st quarter 2011 2 Strengthening economic governance-follow-up Legislative Follow-up on Commission's proposals of 29 September 2010 aimed at reinforcing the European fiscal framework and broadening macroeconomic surveillance to the prevention of adverse macroeconomic imbalances. 1st quarter 2011 Financial Regulation: completing the reform 3 Amendment to the Regulation on Credit Rating Agencies Legislative To address the over reliance on credit ratings by financial institutions, investors, borrowers and public bodies, the lack of competition in the CRA industry, the adequacy of the 'issuer- pays' model and the specificities of the sovereign debt ratings. 2nd quarter 2011 4 Legislative initiative on a framework for bank crisis management and resolution Legislative To foster cooperation and coordination among relevant authorities, to equip them w

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