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Folder 733: Saunders, W. O. (interviewer): Why So Many Greek Restaurants?



~--- PERSONAL LIFE HI STORY Gus Constantin Geraris Greek Restaurateur lO? N. Poindexter street Elizabeth City, N. C. Writer: W. U. Saunders WHY SO MANY GREEK RESTAURANTS? 9682 1 Pete has a great little restaurant. He buys his steaks from a Chicago packer specializing in "top cholce" ribs and loins. He uses a fine blend of coffee and serves real cream with his coffee. Cold storage eggs and ersatz butter never enter into his cuisine. His fixtures are modern; his kitchen a model of orderliness and efficiency. And Pete is forever busy. Vlhen he isn't waiting on tables, ringing up sales or inquiring after the pleasure and comfort of patrons, he is filling up sugar bowls and salts and peppers, packing his butter tray, scalding out the coffee urns, replenishing his ice cubes, folding napkins, polishing glasses, mopping - up, putting things generally to rights. I had to get his story in broken installments. Drawing himself a cup of coffee during a morning's lull he dropped down beside me at the lunch counter. "Are you always busy like this?" I asked him. "Always," he replied; "there is always something to do in a dining room if you try to run a first class place and hold customers. I learned that long ago on an ocean liner and I have never forgotten it. "I was dining room helper on this liner . One day after lunch, when all the dishes had been taken back to the kitchen, the table cloths changed and the sideboard put in order, I sat down and opened up a magazine . "The head st eward came along and aSked me what I meant by sitting down with a magazine? 9683 2 "1 told him I thought 1 was through with my work until the next meal time. "He said to me, 'Your work is never done in a din- ing room as long as you keep your eyes open.' "Always something to do as long as you keep your eyes openl It is true. I never forget that." In a succession of such interviews 1 pieced to- get

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