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Effect of Inert‐Gas Moderators on the (n, γ) Activated Reaction of I128 with CH4

The American Institute of Physics
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In the presence of a large excess of gaseous methane, 54.4±0.5% of I128 formed by (n, γ) activation was found to become stabilized in organic combination. The effects of inert‐gas additives in moderating the reaction of I128 with CH4 were determined in an effort to ascertain the mechanism. The data, extrapolated to zero mole‐fraction methane, indicate that xenon is capable of reducing the organic I128 to 11% whereas neon, argon, and krypton each reduce it to only about 36%. These data suggest that of the 54.4% organic I128, about 18.4% forms as a result of hot I128 reactions, 11% as a result of excited iodine atoms or I+ ions in the 3P2, 3P1, and/or 3P0 states, and 25% as a result of reactions of I+(1D2) ions.

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