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Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta
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  • Teknik Elektronika
  • Design


The purpose of this final project is to design hardware, software and know the performance of "Frequency Meter Based ATmega 8" as a tool that can measure the low frequency range 1-100KHz voltage on electronic equipment. Frequency Meter design is based ATmega 8, composed of hardware and software. The hardware consists of (1) rectifier diode and Pengeblok using (2) Amplifiers using transistors and resistors mounted attenuator with series (3) Minimum System series ATmega 8 (4) LCD Alphanumeric 16x2 series. Fekuensi meter uses a microcontroller ATmega 8 that the main function to process the incoming pulses through the calculation of an interrupt which is then used as the calculation of the frequency scale. ATmega 8 is also used to run the LCD that delivers the information the end result of the frequency calculations. Based on performance testing of frequency-based meter ATmega 8 is capable of reading signals with minimum signal 1 Vpp and the analysis of the maximum signal frequency that can be measured by the frequency meter is 100KHz, while the amplitude can be measured has a range of 1-10.6 Vpp. The largest measurement error means, to reach 1.25% and the frequency of measurement error pengukuranya maximum amplitude reached 15%. Kata Kunci : Frekuensi, ATMega 8, interrupt.

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