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1998 level thresholds : key stage 2, key stage 3

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Microsoft Word - 1998 Level thresholds.doc 1998 Level thresholds Key stage 2 English Levels 3 - 5 tests Level Mark range N 0 - 24 2 25 - 27 3 28 - 50 4 51 - 71 5 72+ Extension test Level Mark range 6 24+ The Reading Test The reading Test is marked against the mark scheme which includes descriptive criteria. For more open questions, which carry several marks, judgements are made about how well a child's response fits these criteria. The Spelling Test The mark scheme gives the correct answers. The total number of correct spellings is divided by two and rounded up to give a Spelling Test mark. This ensures that the weighting given to the Spelling Test represents 10% of total mark for English. The Handwriting Test Marks are awarded according to the criteria given in the mark scheme. Children who are physically unable to take the test are awarded three marks. The Writing Test Markers are required to make judgements against criteria for Purpose and Organisation, Punctuation and Style covering Levels 3, 4 and 5. Additional criteria for 'High Level 5' and 'Just below Level 3' are included to help determine the best fit. Markers are instructed to tick each page as they mark and to rule a line at the end of the child's writing. Markers are required not to place any further marks on scripts. To find the reading level The number of marks awarded on the reading test should be used with the first table below. To find the writing level, first add the writing test mark, the spelling test mark (not the number of words spelled correctly) and the handwriting test mark. This total number of marks is then used to find the writing level using the second table below. Reading test levels Level Mark range 3 9 - 19 4 20 - 32 5 33+ Writing test levels Level Mark range 3 19 - 30 4 31 - 38 5 39+ Mathematics Levels 3 - 5 tests Level Mark range N 0 - 21 2 22 - 24 3 25 - 51 4 52 - 79 5 80+ Extension test Le

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