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Two Level Power Car Alarm

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  • T Technology (General)
  • Tl Motor Vehicles. Aeronautics. Astronautics
  • Design


Remote car alarm is a device that normally used on our daily live. This device is operating to make the user easily to find where the car is parking by hearing the alarm from the car. Objective of this project is to design a car remote alarm that is includes with receiver and transmitter part that is can operate in two different ranges. This car remote alarm has two buttons that is button one is function for the minimum range and the second one is for the maximum range. The reason that this car remote alarm is design with two differences range is to make the user easier where the user can estimate the range between the user and the car. It can make the user easier to find the car without wasting so many times. It is suitable to use it at the public car park. This car remote alarm is design in the different way with other car remote alarm which is when the receiver receive the signal from transmitter, the receiver operate to blink the lamp and sound the alarm in one time. This car remote alarm has a microcontroller in receiver part where it is control the action of car in several minute only without press any button from the user. It can try to save the battery in receiver part. The transmitter and receiver part is work with the radio frequency (RF), where the receiver is completely with PIC. The PIC is used to control the output of the light and alarm like what we want it to be.

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