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Surface reactions of Ga and As on Sb-terminated GaAs(001)

Applied Surface Science
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DOI: 10.1016/0169-4332(94)90228-3
  • Physics


Abstract Surface reactions of As and Ga on Sb-terminated GaAs(001) were investigated by reflection high energy electron diffraction and photoelectron spectroscopy to examine the stability of an Sb terminating layer as a pseudomorphic GaSb layer formed on GaAs(001) for fabricating GaAs/GaSb/GaAs single quantum wells. In the As reaction, As atoms react with the Sb atoms and induce the breaking of Ga-Sb bonds. On the other hand, when Ga atoms are deposited, Ga atoms migrate on the Sb-terminated surface and the Sb layer is conserved even when the substrate is annealed until Sb atoms desorb. These features indicate that controlling As deposition on the Sb layer plays a key role in preventing intermixing between GaSb and a GaAs overlayer for fabricating the abrupt interface of GaAs/GaSb/GaAs single quantum well structures.

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