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Ultra-high cycle fatigue behavior of high strength steel with carbide-free bainite/martensite complex microstructure

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DOI: 10.1016/s1674-4799(09)60051-0
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Abstract The ultra-high cycle fatigue behavior of a novel high strength steel with carbide-free bainite/martensite (CFB/M) complex microstructure was studied. The ultra-high cycle fatigue properties were measured by ultrasonic fatigue testing equipment at a frequency of 20 kHz. It is found that there is no horizontal part in the S-N curve and fatigue fracture occurs when the life of specimens exceeds 10 7 cycles. In addition, the origination of fatigue cracks tends to transfer from the surface to interior of specimens as the fatigue cycle exceeds 10 7, and the fatigue crack originations of many specimens are not induced by inclusions, but by some kind of “soft structure”. It is shown that the studied high strength steel performs good ultra-high cycle fatigue properties. The ultra-high fatigue mechanism was discussed and it is suggested that specific CFB/M complex microstructure of the studied steel contributes to its superior properties.

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