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Optimization of micro metal injection molding with multiple performance characteristics using grey relational grade

Chiang Mai University
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  • Tj Mechanical Engineering And Machinery
  • Mathematics


Micro metal injection molding µMIM which is a variant of MIM is a promising process towards near net-shape of metallic micro components of complex geometry. In this paper, µMIM is applied to produce 316L stainless steel micro components. Due to highly stringent characteristic of µMIM properties, the study has been emphasized on optimization of process parameter. Here, Taguchi method associated with Grey Relational Analysis (GRA) will be implemented as it represents novel approach towards investigation of multiple performance characteristics. Basic idea of GRA is to find a grey relational grade (GRG) which can be used for the optimization conversion from multi objectives case which are density and strength to a single objective case. After considering the form 'the larger the better', results show that the injection time(D) is the most significant followed by injection pressure(A), holding time(E), mold temperature(C) and injection temperature(B). Analysis of variance (ANOVA) is also employed to strengthen the significant of each parameter involved in this study.

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