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Finite Elements in the Analysis of Magnetic Recording Devices-Chapter 7

DOI: 10.1016/b978-044489563-9/50027-0
  • Physics


Publisher Summary This chapter presents the results obtained by modeling the magnetic recording process using the finite element method. The difficulty that is addressed in the chapter is the introduction of the hysteresis of the recording media. Magnetic hysteresis is a complex phenomenon depending on the history of the material for which there is no well established model convenient for use in electromagnetic computation codes. Furthermore, it leads to a highly nonlinear system, which is difficult to solve. The chapter also provides a brief description of the magnetic recording process. It provides the study of the most exciting models of hysteresis, considering their advantages and drawbacks according to the accuracy against experimental data and their ability to be merged into finite element electromagnetic computer codes. The chapter shows how the hysteretic behavior is introduced in the computation of magnetic fields to make a reliable simulation of the write process in a magnetic recording device.

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