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Televizijsko izvještavanje u slovenskim dnevnim emisijama vijesti

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  • Diskurs Televizijskih Vijesti
  • žanrovi Televizijskog Novinarstva
  • Televizijsko Izvještavanje
  • Slovenija
  • Television News Discourse
  • Genres In Television Journalism
  • Television Report
  • Slovenia
  • Communication
  • Linguistics
  • Political Science


The article focuses on an analysis of the (inter)discursive structure of television reports in daily news broadcasts made by the Slovenian public television broadcaster Televizija Slovenija and the commercial television company POP TV during 2005 and 2006. Critical discourse analysis and language-style analysis methods are used to study a broad range of the television reports’ topics, forms, structures, language styles as well as verbal and visual communication techniques. Daily television news broadcasts are seen as unique and one of the most complex forms of news discourses that combine talk, sound and visual images. The author analyses the contents and functions of the constitutive elements of a television report, such as the lead-in, lead-out, voiceover, verbal and visual introductions to sound bites, a stand-up if there is one, a beginning and closure, as well as the semantic connections between them. Stress is given to visualization and graphication; the role of the news anchor as an impersonal authority and his right to use direct speech are being questioned. The mixing of styles and individual discursive elements of different genres, especially interpretative elements of informative journalistic texts, leads to the observation of a rising populist discourse of news anchors, storytelling, emphasizing the emotional components of events and personification. The unclear separation between information and the opinions of journalists and news anchors, as well as the disappearance of pure and quality commentary in Slovenian daily news broadcasting raise serious concerns about television journalism’s role in democratic society. Amidst the overflow of media and information available to the public, the primary mission and challenge of (Slovenian) television journalists is seen in the effective verbal and visual representation of important issues with background information to the public, without reducing them to personal stories.

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