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New Forms Festival

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ArcPost: A Project of the Pacific Association of Artist Run Centres ARCLines New Forms Festival New Forms is an artist-run festival that was started in 1999 by Malcolm Levy, Jarrett Martineau and Rachel Flood, three artists and arts professionals who had an interest in contemporary art based in music, media, technology and performance. The festival was founded with the intent to disseminate media art and different forms of contemporary art using media and technology in various community spaces throughout Vancouver. The organizers were actively interested in emerging artists using technologically forward practices that were developing elsewhere across Canada and internationally, but had not yet found a niche locally. Levy and Martineau had been involved in the overlapping media arts and electronic music scenes of Montreal, and the notion to begin New Forms was sprung of their previous collaborations on events in that city. New Forms Festival took root quickly in Vancouver, gaining many new supporters by their second year, dstaylor Typewritten Text Allison Collins dstaylor Typewritten Text including Camille Baker, Aleksandra Dulic, Kenneth Newby, Carol Sill, and James K-M. These contributors worked together to co-curate thematic 3-day events each year to bring practices in video, experimental music, experimental technology, photography, and performance to both commercial and non-commercial spaces in the Main Street area. In the first year, venues included coffee and retails shops, artist-run centres, restaurants and industrial spaces: SOMA (a coffee shop) Monsoon (a bistro) Video In (now VIVO Media Arts Centre) LUGS The Whip (restaurant) Naked Sugar Refinery (a factory) The Alibi Room (a restaurant) In the second year, New Forms began receiving funds from government organizations to support their programs and manage the event. Venues expanded to include Roundhouse Community Centre, the Dance Centre, the Western Front, Sonar, the Elektra Building, and the St Andrew Wesley Unite

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