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Genital trauma in children: Classification and management

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DOI: 10.1016/j.urology.2005.01.018
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Abstract Objectives To determine the severity and, accordingly, the treatment of genital trauma in a pediatric population. Methods A total of 116 children with genital trauma and anorectal injury were retrospectively reviewed. The severity of trauma was graded according to the genital injury score (GIS), which we developed as a genital trauma scoring system. Results The median age was 8 years. Of the 116 children, 80 were girls and 36 were boys. The etiology of the trauma was traffic road accident (53 patients), fall, sexual abuse, and gunshot wound. Sixty-one patients had additional organ injuries. The GIS was I for 25 children, II for 19, III for 32, IV for 23, and V for 17. In addition to the primary repair, colostomy was performed in 22 patients. The most frequent postoperative complication was wound infection. The postoperative complication rate was significantly greater in patients with an injury severity score greater than 15, severe contamination, prolonged delay (longer than 8 hours), and a GIS of IV or V. Conclusions The clarification of the mechanism and severity of the genital injury and associated organ injuries under general anesthesia may help in the appropriate classification. Primary repair should be the standard approach in genital trauma patients with a GIS of IV or less. Those with a GIS of V associated with severe contamination and prolonged delay require colostomy for improved outcome.

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