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Study of Noise Canceling Performance of Feedforward Fuzzy-Based ANC System under Non-Causal Condition

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  • Active Noise Control
  • Fuzzy
  • Computer Science


Feed-forward active noise control (ANC) systems act as adaptive systems to control and cancel undesired signals and noises. If the delay in the noise canceling subsystems increases more than the delays in the primary path, non-causal condition will occur in these systems. In this paper, study of noise canceling performance of feed-forward fuzzy-based ANC systems for ducts under non-causal condition is presented. For this purpose, we use fuzzy filtered-x algorithm as an adaptive filter and the results are compared with classical filteredx algorithm which is employed under the same conditions. Analysis shows that ANC systems using fuzzy algorithm has better efficiency for noise cancellation in non-causal condition.

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