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Butterworths Corporate Governance Handbook - Edited by Keith Walmsley



Microsoft Word - Guidelines_for_Potential_Guest_Editors_of_Special_Issues_of_CGIR_final.docx Guidelines for Potential Guest Editors of Special Issues of CGIR Corporate Governance: An International Review (CGIR) invites proposals for Special Issues (SI) focusing on a specific area of research that has broad appeal and fits with the aims and scope of the journal (see journal website). In light of the aims and scope of CGIR, SI proposals should avoid a narrow geographic focus or a singular disciplinary framing. This means that:  SI should not address topics that are of particular interest with respect to regulations or institutional background of a single country;  The Guest Editors should ideally have a multi-country representation;  The “call for papers” should be distributed world-wide;  Conference or developmental workshop locations should not discourage travel for international participants. Special issue proposals Special Issues may be proposed at any time. They are aimed at addressing significant gaps in the literature that are neglected in our general issues. Special issue proposals must contain the following information: 1. Proposed title, abstract and justification of the special issue. The title should be clear and concise so that it can capture the attention of scholars potentially interested into the topic. The abstract should propose a short, but sufficiently detailed, description of the SI. Normally, this is under 150 words. The justification of the SI should explain why CGIR should dedicate an entire issue to a specific topic. This means to address the following issues: (i) how broad is its appeal for governance scholars (e.g. which geographic areas and which disciplines could be interested), (ii) what is the potential theoretical advancement, (iii) what are the expected practical and policy implications for the field. It is also important to provide details of any other SI that have been published or will be

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