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Corporate reorganization analysis in Czech Republic

  • Economics


The topic of this work is reorganization and its realization in the Czech Republic. The reorganization is a process leading not to the liquidation of a company. The reorganization is not based on the converting of the company property into cash. It is based on the rescue of the debtor economic property. The role of the bankruptcy administrator is not to count the debtor property and to sale it. The administrator is interested in finding the ways how the company could be saved. The economic activity of debtor continues during the reorganization process and the creditors should be satisfied continuously from the profits of the debtor business. In this work we analyzed successful and unsuccessful reorganizations as well as ongoing reorganizations in the period from 1. 1. 2008 to 13. 4. 2011., that took place in the Czech Republic. Our work is devoted to the ways of operational funding during the reorganization, the reorganization duration, the ways of reorganization solving, the utilization and the costs of this process and the motivation of stakeholders with the aim of identifying the key and risk factors of the successful and unsuccessful reorganization.

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