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An Empirical Study of the Effect of Competitive Strategy and Strategic Assets on the Structural Relations between Headquarter and Subsidiaries

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  • 경쟁전략과 전략적 자산
  • 기업본부와 계열사간의 구조적 관계
  • 실증적 연구


The aim of this study is to find the effects of competitive strategy, strategic assets, and their interactions on the decentralization between headquarter and subsidiaries via use of resource-based view. Most researchers on strategic management have focused on the analysis of external environment and organizational process seperately. The resource-based view as a theory of strategic management is overcoming the limits of these research. But, resource-based view has concentrated on the resources as source of sustainable competitive advantage and not much concerned about strategic process. Depending on these problems, this study has considerable attention to the strategic process, especially resource accumulation process. Through empirical analysis, this study found that competitive strategy and interaction between competitive strategy and strategic assets have positive impacts on decentralization between headquarter and subsidiaries. Moreover this study showed that setting up and execution of diversification strategy were linked by strategic assets, and the better the fit between strategic assets and headquarter-subsidiaries decentralization, the higher was the performance. Theoretical and practical implications and limitations also suggested.

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