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Diabetes Care
American Diabetes Association
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DOI: 10.2337/dc08-er09
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Maki KC, Carson ML, Miller MP, Turowski M, Bell M, Wilder DM, Reeves MS: High-viscosity hyrdoxypropylmethylcellulose blunts postprandial glucose and insulin responses. Diabetes Care 30:1039–1043, 2008 The authors report that the data analyses were accidently run on a derived dataset rather than raw data, creating errors in Table 1 and Fig. 2. The new data do not alter the conclusions of the original manuscript; however, some of the P values have changed. The authors apologize for the errors and regret any inconvenience that may have been caused. Corrected versions of Fig. 1 and Table 2, as well as revised wording for the results and conclusions sections, appear below. The online version reflects these changes. In the results section (p. 1041) of the main body of the text, the paragraph entitled “Glucose and insulin responses” should contain the following revised text: Peak insulin concentrations and the IAUCs for glucose from 0 to 120 min and insulin from 0 to 120 min and 0 to 180 min were also significantly reduced after both HV-HPMC doses vs. control (all P < 0.001). The differences between HPMC and control for glucose IAUC from 0 to 180 min did not reach significance (P = 0.172). An exploratory analysis of values at each time point showed that levels were significantly lower than control in the 4- and 8-g HV-HPMC conditions from 15 through 60 min for glucose and from 15 through 90 min for insulin. In the fifth paragraph of the conclusions section (p. 1042) of the main body of the text, the first sentence should appear as follows: Inclusion of HV-HPMC reduced the mean IAUCs from 0 to 120 min for glucose by ∼30% and for insulin by 39–46%, thus effectively lowering dietary “glycemic load” (22). Figure 1 Table 2 Insulin and glucose responses by treatment condition Parameter 0 g HV-HPMC 4 g HV-HPMC 8 g HV-HPMC

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