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Aid granted by the EAGGF, Guidance Section, second installment 1973. Information Memo P-51/74, August 1974

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XOMMISSIONEN FOR OE COMMISSION OF THE COMMISSIONE DELLE EUROPI€ISKE FTELLESSKABERS - Kolt4MlgStON DER EUROPATSCHEN GEMEINgCHAFTEN- EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES - COMMISSION DES COMMUNAUTES EUROPEENNES -COMUNITi EUNOPEE - COMMISSIE VAN DE EUROPESE GEMEENSCHAPPEN T*',t TALSMANDENS GRUPPE SPRECHERGRUPPE SPOKESMAN'S GROUP GROUPE DU PORTE-PAROLE CRUPPO DEL PORTAVOCE BUREAU VAN DE WOORDVOERDER ilr0RIfint IilT(lRilATllRISCHE 't :$rt r D'rrro*r ATrorl lry 'f: Is* tltftlRrATt0lt ttto ugust '1974 GRANTED BY ITIE 973 On 31 JuLy 1974 the Connission of the Jluropean Comnnrnities grarrted aid anor:nting to 89A191010 u.a, to 341 projects as the second instalment for 19?3. The aid is d.ivided. as follows: Germarllr Selgium Denrnark France freland l-taly Iruxenbourg Netherland.s United Kingdom Mlnber of p.roiects 57 51 9 27 15 143 12 27 Aid in national cumency DM 'l2t6O3r5B3 FB 252rB0A 1826Dkr 17,348,103Fs' 89r133,880{, 1 13261886Lit 18,65618491375 F1 18,625 1573 €, 3,326,738 ll0TA 0' I l{F0 RilIAZ 101{t TER DOCU}IEIITIE Aid" ip u"L 19 rB37 ,O41 ,,056ro15 2r313tO75 16,048, o3B 3r1841526 29 r85A rg5g 5 r145 1184 7 r9B4r17l ON 89 r41g ro1o In &ggggfr 39 proieots concerned. with production stnrctures received. aitl anor:nting to DM 511547fl97, Twenty two of these (lU 2014761971) are concerned. with farm reorgartisation, basically farm roads, d.rainage and the improvement of small waterways. Eleven of them are in Baden-Wurtenberg at fngerki-rchen, Westhausen,It:rittlingerrolbronn, Oberginsbaoh, Hochd.orf, Aalen, 3lur:nweiler, BreitingenrStein, Heuberg and. Wald.shut; four in Savaria at Dachau, Pfaffenhofen, Weissenburg a:rd. several centres in MictcLle Franconia; four in Lower Saxony at Achend-orf, Rhod.e-hrra1, Hord"en-Elbingerod.e and Otze-Ramlingen; three in Hesse at Waldeck, Iitrarburg arrd. Hofgeisnaro Seven projects (lU Z rM9r79O) are more particularly conoerrred. with lantL d.rainage a:rd. irrigation, sometirnes in conbination with farm road.s and d.rainage.

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