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Description of a new species of Calliostoma (Gastropoda, Calliostomatidae) from Southeastern Brazil

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  • Anatomy
  • Calliostoma Tupinamba
  • Coastal Island
  • New Species
  • Taxonomy


Calliostoma tupinamba is a new species from Southeastern Brazil, ranging from southern Rio de Janeiro to northern Sao Paulo, and found only on coastal islands, on rocks and sessile invertebrates at 3 to 5 meters of depth. Shell and soft part morphology is described here in detail. Calliostoma tupinamba is mainly characterized by a depressed trochoid shell; eight slightly convex whorls; a sharply suprasutural carina starting on the third whorl and forming a peripheral rounded keel; and a whitish, funnel-shaped and deep umbilicus, measuring about 5%-10% of maximum shell width. Calliostoma tupinamba resembles C. bullisi Clench & Turner, 1960 in shape, but differs from it in being taller and wider, having a smaller umbilicus and lacking a strong and large innermost spiral cord at its base. Finally, an identification key of Brazilian Calliostoma species is presented.

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