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Θεωρητικό πλαίσιο για τη διοίκηση δημόσιων υβριδικών βιβλιοθηκών

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  • A. Theoretical And General Aspects Of Libraries And Information.
  • F. Management.


In the article is presented a theoretical frame for the public sector based in triptych a) user, b) quality g) modern approaches of administration. The article aims in the benefit of directions for the incorporation in the strategies and in the administrative operations of organisms of public sector, information related with the quality of provided services and with the expectations of users. The emanating, from the users, information constitutes important operational parameter for the improvement of provided services. The previous theoretical frame is specialized in the administration of public hybrid libraries. The analysis includes aspects as a) presentation of teams of parameters for the conduct of measurements by referring the expectations of users and the quality of services, b) use of new information technologies for the pumping of information from the users and the configuration of services adapted in the needs of users and g) systems of quality administration. The application modern and directed in the users of administration practices in the public hybrid libraries strengthens globally their role as organisms of knowledge management in the current societies.

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