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Chandler Hotel 226-232 North Lafayette Street Macomb 1907

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  • Macomb Hotel Building Buildings Businesses Business Chandler Hotel C.V. Chandler J.M. Pace 226-232 N
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Originally the Chandler Hotel, built by C.V. Chandler in 1899. Located at 226-232 North Lafayette Street. Purchased by J.M. Pace in 1909. Fire on October 17, 1910 caused extensive damage to the hotel. When it was reopened on January 16, 1911, it was renamed the Pace Hotel. It was torn down in 1990 to make way for the rerouting and widening of Highway 136. Cropped and enhanced version of image used for the Macomb City Hall photo project 2002. Check physical photo to insure full image.

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