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Research type is research of case study that is research with the problem characteristic of related to background and condition in this time and also its interaction environmentally with the research title that is: " Evaluate The Invesment of For Plant Asset of At PT. Varia Usaha Beton Waru" Intention of this research that is to know the invesment elegibility of at machine used by company in this time still be competent to be continued. Usefulness from this research specially for company that is expected serve the purpose of consideration in determining invesment wisdom of at plant asset. Pursuant to result of research and solution which have been conducted, concerning invesment evaluation for plant asset of at PT. Variety of is Effort Concrete hence can be pulled by a the following conclusion: Result of analysis by using obtainable method NPV of positive value, thereby mean that the invesment for plant asset [done/conducted] by company give the result which to the advantage of company in the future. Analyse by using knowable method IRR that invesment conducted competent be achieved, the mentioned of because of value IRR obtained by bigger than COC. Result of analysis by mengunakan is knowable method MIRR that invesment of plant asset [done/conducted] competent be achieved that is entire/all project expense invested by regain in the form of capital instalment. After learning, analysing and concluding from above research result, is hence raised by some suggestion which can be raised, that is as follows: expected by a company to realize for invesment of plant asset in order to executing production process, so that able to improve the amount produce and in the end able to improve the sale for product yielded by a company. Expected by a company always perform a the observation of either through direct and also indirectly to each;every activity of production process take place to give the impact which are positive to efficient storey;level and efektifitas of company of having taken steps of plant asset invesment. The effort conducted by invesment to conducted ambulatory or pursuant to which have been specified. In effort improvement for product amount after process of plant asset addition, unrightious of company expected also pay attention to the yielded product quality storey;level, the mentioned conducted by because quality or quality of product represent the guarantee for accepting of product accepted in market

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