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DNA extraction method from bones using Maxwell® 16

Elsevier Ireland Ltd
DOI: 10.1016/j.legalmed.2012.04.004
  • Bone
  • Extraction
  • Automation
  • Croatia


Abstract This paper describes the automated purification of DNA extracted from human bones using Maxwell® 16 bench top instrument. Analysis of nuclear short tandem repeats (STR) is invaluable in identification of human remains exhumed from mass graves in Croatia. Up to today 4683 skeletal remains have been recovered and for 897 human remains identity has not been determined. DNA has been extracted from 70% of all unidentified samples. For more than 90% of the samples nuclear STR profiles have been obtained using either organic phenol/chloroform method or silica-column purification for the extraction of DNA from bones or teeth. In order to evaluate a Maxwell® 16 DNA extraction performance 40 bone samples with different stage of decomposition were analyzed. The efficacy of manual silica based extraction and an automated purification was compared. The DNA yield per gram of starting material, removal of inhibitors and the quality of resulting STR profiles of the Maxwell extracts from duplicate amplifications were evaluated. The results show that Maxwell 16 platform can be used instead of manual DNA extraction procedures.

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