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Proposal for a Council Regulation (EEC) on the implementation of the special programme to combat hunger in the world. COM (83) 16 final, 27 January 1983

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COMMISSION OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES COM(83) L5 final Brussels, 27 January 1983 pRoposAl FoR A couNcrL REGULATTON (EEC) on the implementation of the special programme to combat hunger in the world (presented by the Commission to the Council) COM(83) 16 final collsvs Text Box ? EXP LANATIJRY ME MORANDUIVI e (r,li.l [ 6 r ' specral measures t.o combat world hunger were approvd-d in plnciple by the budgetary authority in the course of the adoption of the ]9g3 budget; a new heading (Article 958: Special programnfe to cornbat hunger in the world) was rnsert-ed, wiLh an appropnation od 50* Ecu. This was the culminatton of Parliament's great debaLe on the suJc;ect - the adoption of lhe Ferrero resolution, and the talks on two cornmrssron Communicabions to the cor:ncil and parliament , viz. ,,Towards a plan of acLi-on to combat world hunger" (coM(Br)560 final,2 october f9g1) and,,A special progrannne to cornbat hunger in the world" (CoM(82)320 frnaj-, 3 June 1982 ) . when adopting transfer proposal No. 30/82, the councrl made the following statement imposing certain conditions on the use of the funds to be released for implementati-on of the pranned measures: "The council has not been able to agree to the transfer proposed by the commisslon relating to hunger in the world, in the absenie tf a dec:-s-ion on the substance of the action plan which the commrsslon communr-cated toLhe Council. As soon as such a decision 1s taken, on the basis of a formal proposalfrom the Commission on implementation of this action plan, or, rf,i.f, thoCouncil undertakes to take a decisioo a.q s66n as possible, the Councilwill make any necessary hrdget provisions in accordance with the appropriate procedures . " The Commission has accepted that the implernentatl-on of the new Artrcle 958 in the 1983 Budget would entail application of the provisions of the Jornt Declaration on various measures to improve the budget.ary procedure signed by the council, parliament and the commissron on 30 June(s

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