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Policy measure for creating an integrated and brand-focused regional innovation system in tourism in a shadow destination::Insights from Pisa’s destination development strategy

Inderscience Publishers
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  • Tourism
  • Innovation
  • Shadow Destination
  • Regional Development
  • Geography
  • Policy
  • Welfare
  • Place Branding
  • Italy
  • Pisa.


Tourism has often been hyped as an engine of regional growth and<br/>development but often failed to deliver the expected results. This is especially<br/>the case in shadow destinations. The concept of a shadow destination refers to<br/>a region whose relative attractioness is significantly lower than co-located<br/>places. Based on regional innovation systems and place branding research the<br/>paper develops policy measures adapted to the specific challenges a shadow<br/>destination faces. Empirically, the appropriateness of the policy measures is<br/>demonstrated through applying it to a paradigmatic shadow destination, being<br/>Pisa, Italy. Pisa is a shadow destination of Florence.

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