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Law Quadrangle Notes, V. 21, Iss. 02 (Winter 1977)

University of Michigan Law School
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From The Dean Thmwhout thir iulre of Imw QGnd- - r ~ f ~ ~ d , e Nabs you will find o number of . ntpork an ihs launcliing. of the fipt - . ital fund campaign in the M w ,.:- ~c!ool'.hirto . w ~ a t d y o u h r v & a I - - ';T ready mcaive #the I m a l brgchdi!# dstai- uw plans. Our~oveaarll [email protected],, ' : knaw, dr RO mtllidar, with %" of that [email protected]?a+ far blirmew addition. amid lh@ grchifectu~l pmk l m s that wodd bav8 grwientd . by plnd_nll a contamm~sy building , adjacent t~ our edsti Eo&k corn-- plsx, we hevs ddd&e ? on s below- ' ~ o d r ddm. 'She p ~ o pf large Janating ~kylightr and vaulting open spaces will wqyent any sm9e of confin* mant. Tha Idearult sb.uIt$.ke .a utrikfng- ly handrsmg :stmetwe that will meet sat librmy rids [email protected] -mvmol decadeg and. @ven the potenti~lities oi micro- stor*, perha a .iint;Be£h%telyl I dp ast nee g ~ E Q el~bctsate to you an the ra%arsllbna =ai tkie Milehi an Law -' 8.Sb.001 or om tba axtent to dich that * , srcclleawa bar been dependent on. the ' gsneorityaf ~ Q U and your .pdecer- son. John_ Pidrsrtnp rqd hi4 rdew310p ; - rnent mmrntttee hbve put ifi many " haun in Ann-Xrbor laying the gmund . .- work for the fmth~;ornlqg drive. The Dow and s m n d a t i g s and sep . * : - errl [email protected] kivh provided .' ,- : major &fig to gst the [email protected] hft t ~ i i : ' flyi* shrt. Now. yje turn la eju f4 amah the. wntributlon~ that ivllrwtrk [ ::?L ~ bvsc ths top and enable 8 gtha t Law ' -u school to be wen mwp ofteativa in.the ,$,, ~ e & & of *ud.epts md s J u m d b e ~ h , ,. ding bar, state and nstiori, f yo$'; - rvill net feii or. t s r me yau in .r:- : advance- bat y o ~ k rideMtionl. and : - i support. , # I . 3 l ams at White, a member of the 180th Tacti- cal Fighter Group of the Ohio Air ' linical National Guard and commander of , ool is the 112th squadron. flew an F-100 in ' Paul the competition. t the The "flying professor" had the r ac- highest aggregate

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