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Long-Range Interfacial Electrochemical Electron Transfer of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Azurin-Gold Nanoparticle Hybrid Systems

American Chemical Society
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  • We Have Prepared A "Hybrid" Of The Blue Copper Protein Azurin (Pseudomonas Aeruginosa) And A 3 Nm Go
  • The Aunp/Azurin Hybrid Was Assembled On A Au(111)-Electrode Surface In A Two-Step Process
  • The Aunp Was First Attached To The Au(111) Electrode Via Au-S Chemisorption Of A 4
  • 4'-Biphenyidithiol (4
  • 4'-Bpdt) Monolayer
  • This Was Followed By 1-Decanethiol Modification Of The Bound Aunp And Hydrophobic Binding Of Azurin
  • The Au(111)/Aunp/Azurin System Was Characterized By Atomic Force Microscopy (Afm)
  • Cyclic Voltammetry (Cv)
  • And In Situ Electrochemical Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (In Situ Stm)
  • Afm And Stm Point To The Feasibility Of Preparing Both Dense And Sparsely Populated Aunp Monolayers
  • Cv Shows Two Pairs Of Voltammetric Peaks At High Scan Rates
  • Both Around The Azurin Equilibrium Potential
  • One Pair Of Redox Peaks Follows Closely That Of Azurin Hydrophobically Immobilized Directly On A Au(
  • The Other Pair
  • Tentatively Assigned Tothe Aunp/Azurin Hybrid
  • Shows A 20-Fold Electron Transfer Rate Enhancement Over The Reference System
  • This Dual Pattern Is Supported By In Situ Stm Which Shows Two Distinct Contrasts
  • A Strong Contrast Most Likely Arises Either From Azurin-Free Aunps Or From Aunp-Free Azurin Displace
  • 4'-Bpdt Surface
  • The Other Contrast
  • Assigned To The Aunp/Azurin Hybrid
  • Is Weaker And Fluctuates In Time
  • Mechanisms Of Electronic Conductivity Of The Aunp/Azurin System Are Discussed


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