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(p, α) reactions on the odd-mass nuclei Cu63, Cu65, As75and Rh103

Nuclear Physics
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DOI: 10.1016/0029-5582(63)90617-5


Abstract The angular distributions of the reaction Cu 63 (p, α) Ni 62, Cu 65 (p, α) Ni 62, As 75 (p, α) Ge 72 and Rh 103 (p, α) Ru 100 leading to the ground and several excited states of the residual nuclei have been measured in the proton energy range between 8 and 14 MeV. For the reactions Cu 63 (p, α) Ni 60, Cu 65 (p, α) Ni 62 and As 75 (p, α) Ge 72, the angular distributions are generally most forward peaked for the alpha particle group corresponding to the ground state of the residual nucleus at the highest proton energy, and then approach 90° symmetry when the proton energy is decreased. When one compares the angular distributions corresponding to the various states of the residual nucleus at a given incident proton energy, one observes in general for Cu and As that the forward peaking in the angular distribution is most prominent for the alpha particle group corresponding to the ground state and that this peaking gradually disappears with increasing excitation energy of the residual nucleus. For the reaction Rh 103 (p, α) Ru 100, all the angular distributions are observed to be more or less forward peaked.

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