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Ima li život smisla? Duhovno filozofirajuće meditiranje

Catholic Faculty of Theology, University of Split; [email protected]
Publication Date
  • Duh
  • Vječnost
  • čovjek
  • Smisao
  • Bog
  • Spirit
  • Eternity
  • Human Life
  • Sense
  • God
  • Philosophy


The opening of the writing appertains to the question of purport in a context of man's existence - of the being who has been plunged into existence. The question of the purport also essentiallv reflects in human's bearing to his innermost being - then it's solution being of religious nature. The author extends criticalv to the attempt to rationalize the question of the purport - searching an answer in growing spiritualitv of the evangelic message. Thus, the deliberation of the question of purport turns into a spirituallv philosophizing meditation, with human spiritualitv being enlightened in it. This Christological spiritualitv is a lasting response to the question of the purport, repeatedlv testifving faith as the inexhautible well of Eternitv which breaks through the verge of time coming to a close.

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