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This research is a case study on PT. Bukopin Cab. Malang with the title "Feasibility Analysis of Credit As A Consideration In Lending Decision At PT. Bukopin Cab. Malang ". The purpose of this study was to find out how Bukopin lending guidelines, how to analyze the feasibility and how the results of the feasibility of the companies that apply for credit. The analytical tool used to assess the feasibility of the debtor company is by time series analysis, which evaluates the elements of financial statements balance sheet and profit / losses of the prospective borrower for a period (2004 - 2005) to see the trend of increase / decline, while technical analysis data in accordance with the policy of the Bank among other things as follows: (1) Completeness of Data Analysis, (2) Personal Analysis, (3) Legal Analysis of the Company, (4) Analysis on the Condition of the Earth / Business, (5) Analysis of Other Banks, (6 ) Security Analysis, (7) Analysis of economical and (8) Working Capital Needs Analysis. Results from the analysis above is as follows: (1) Data-data/dokumen-dokumen have been submitted completely and correctly as requested by the Bank Bukopin, (2) The head of the mister Abdul Najib has a personality and a pretty good reputation, ( 3) It has been accepted fully and legally responsible for the documents in the form of Trade License (SIUP), Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN), and Company Registration (TDP) thus means meets relevant legal aspects, (4) Business carried on very promising because of the certainty of the market, the risk borne by relatively small, facilities and infrastructure owned by adequate, substantial business opportunities, which must be faced by existing competitors approximately 50 contractors in Malang and surrounding areas and only few are able to compete with UD. "MSJ", (5) The UD. "MSJ" has never worked with the Bank other than Bank Bukopin since 2000 until now, (6) Assurance given in the form of goods not moving the Land and Building with a total value amounting to Rp 1,882,725,000 Assessed or 125.5% of the total plan credit to be filed, (7) the trend of rising sales and a decrease in accounts payable in the period 2004 and 2005 that will increase profits, while the overall ratio analysis showed positive results, (8) the calculation of working capital needs do not exceed the amount of credit submitted to the Bank Bukopin. From the results of the feasibility analysis of the above it can be concluded that the efforts of UD. "MSJ" quite feasible to be financed. Based on the conclusions above, thereby Bukopin parties can withdraw the funds raised by UD. "MSJ" is Rp 1.5 billion for additional working capital is expected to continue increasing its sales volume.

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