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Esperimento di rimozione degli ammassi mucillaginosi della microalga alloctona <i>Chrysophaeum taylorii</i> Lewis &amp; Bryan = Experiment of removal of the mucilaginous aggregates by the alien microalga <i>Chrysophaeum taylorii</i> Lewis &amp; Bryan

Società italiana di biologia marina (Genova, stampa Erredi grafiche editoriali)
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  • Bio/07 Ecologia


A manipulative experiment was carried out in a small bay of Tavolara Punta Coda Cavallo Marine Protected Area in order to investigate the triggers for formation and storage of the macroscopic mucilaginous aggregates of the benthic microalga Chrisophaeum taylorii Lewis & Bryan (Pelagophyceae) and to test the efficacy of mucillage removal.

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