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Face and Communication : A Clinico-Sociopsychological Study

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We talk to one another, and we naturailly communicate a great deal through various movements. Facial behaviors not only interrelated with speech content, but is also found as the most refined medium of the nonverbal-omotional communication unaccompanied by speech. The facial behavior of individuals, however, has to be understood also in the context of the objective environment of the face as a part of the body. It participates both psychically and physically in human communication. While facial behavior structures the psycho-physical environment, it is structured at the same time by the environment. The relationship between facial behavior and the environment is so intricate as to appear circular. It may be said that such a process of interaction creates the meaning which is experienced by the person livin in the life-world. Though each individual and each thing in the environment are different and unique as such, they are involved in a common meaning and have, as it were, a similar face. If said interaction including the facial behavior, can build a certain system, the study of the interaction may foster the development of General System Theory which conceptualizes phenomenal similarities into structural isomorphies.

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