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Human platelets do not express tissue factor

Thrombosis Research
DOI: 10.1016/j.thromres.2013.04.010
  • Tissue Factor
  • Platelets
  • Lps
  • Complement
  • Tlr4
  • Monocytes


Abstract Background The controversy about the expression of tissue factor (TF) in platelet after de novo synthesis prevail despite many groups recognize that platelet isolation, assays and reagents, particularly non-specific antibodies, may account for the diversity. In this study the potential of TF expression was evaluated using immune-purified human platelets and employing a very sensitive and highly specific TF activity assay. Methods Isolated platelets in plasma anti-coagulated with Fragmin were subjected to stimulation by LPS plus PMA, IgG antibody or TRAP and tested for TF activity. Results Platelets stimulated with LPS plus PMA for 4hours expressed trace amounts of TF like activity (PCA), not inhibited by anti-TF antibody (0.2±0.1mU/ml blood). Platelets, not immune-adsorbed to remove monocytes, showed significant TF activity (2.0±0.9mU/ml blood) that was nearly abolished by anti-TF antibody. IgG antibody from patient with lupus anticoagulant failed to enhance the trace amount of PCA as compared to the control in contrast to high TF activity induced in monocytes (0.4±0.1mU/ml blood versus 27.5±10.5mU/106 cells) showing that activation of complement is not mediating TF expression. Platelet subjected to TRAP activation for 10min possessed only trace amounts of PCA that was not inhibited by anti-TF antibody and slightly enhanced by anti-TFPI antibody. Conclusions It is concluded that platelets free of monocytes do not express TF activity when stimulated by LPS or activated complement factors, implying no role for Toll like receptor (TLR4) as suggested recently. There is no evidence of TF activity associated with platelets as a result of rapid and dynamic process.

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