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La gestion d'un grand bassin : le Saint-Laurent, les Grands Lacs ou les deux ? / The Management of a Major River Basin : the Saint Lawrence, the Great Lakes or the two together ?

Revue de géographie de Lyon
PERSEE Program
Publication Date
DOI: 10.3406/geoca.1992.5821
  • Quebec
  • Economic Management Of A River Basin
  • Political Management Of A River Basin
  • Canada
  • Major International River Basin
  • Secretariat For The Improvement Of The Saint Lawrence
  • Canada
  • Quebec
  • Secrétariat à La Mise En Valeur Du Saint-Laurent
  • Gestion économique D'Un Bassin Fleuvial
  • Gestion Politique D'Un Bassin Fluvial
  • Grand Bassin Fluvial International
  • Economics
  • Law
  • Political Science


The major basin of the Saint Lawrence - Great Lakes poses delicate problems of management due to its size, the high density of its population (in an American context), the international character of its waters and the creation of the seaway. To help resolve such problems the Secretariat for the Improvement of the Saint Lawrence was created in 1985. This international organisation which, for its Canadian part, is represented primarily by Quebec, deals with concrete issues and aims to reconcile opposing interests rather than to intervene directly. It also plays a double role : first, political, as a result of bringing together in a forum the leaders of the local riverine councils, and second, economic, in the context of the SODES (Société de Développement Economique du Saint Laurent) Saint Lawrence Economie Development

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