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Электрохимические свойства литий-ионных источников тока на основе фторидов железа

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  • Hydrated Forms Of Iron Fluoride
  • Intercalation
  • Lithium-Ion Power Source
  • гидратированные формы фторидов железа
  • интеркаляция
  • литий-ионные источники тока
  • УДК 621.315.592
  • гідратовані форми фторидів заліза
  • інтеркаляція
  • літій-іонні джерела струму


The article presents the testing of thermally annealed iron fluoride FeF3·3H2O as a cathode material for lithiumionpower source (LIPS). The advantages of application of FeF3 in LIPS is a relatively high voltage of an opencircuit (up to 4 V) and specific capacity at 200 mA h/g. Obtaining of the studied form of iron fluoride was carriedout by phased thermal annealing at 150 °C (1 h, removal of physical water) and 250 °C (2 h, removal of crystaladsorbed water) in the flow of drained argon. The results are revealed in the research of impedance spectroscopyand discharge characteristics of formed LIPS. It was determined that, for the increase of energy characteristics ofLIPS the method of thermal annealing of FeF3·3H2O is more efficient than the addition of conductive additives tothe cathode mixture. The discharge curve of anhydrous form of FeF3 is characterized by the broad horizontal areawithin the range of values of specific capacity 200-1200 A·h / kg, after which there is a sharp decline in voltage ofthe open circuit. With deep discharge (to 0.5 V) we have reached the values of specific capacity 1300 A·h/kg, thatexceeds at 70% the specific characteristics of LIPS based on hydrated forms of FeF3

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