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Integral-equation-based fast algorithms and graph-theoretic methods for large-scale simulations

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Library
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In this dissertation, we extend Greengard and Rokhlin's seminal work on fast multipole method (FMM) in three aspects. First, we have implemented and released open-source new-version of FMM solvers for the Laplace, Yukawa, and low-frequency Helmholtz equations to further broaden and facilitate the applications of FMM in different scientific fields. Secondly, we propose a graph-theoretic parallelization scheme to map the FMM onto modern parallel computer architectures. We have particularly established the critical path analysis, exponential node growth condition for concurrency-breadth, and a spatio-temporal graph partition strategy. Thirdly, we introduce a new kernel-independent FMM based on Fourier series expansions and discuss how information can be collected, compressed, and transmitted through the tree structure for a wide class of kernels.

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