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Letter from Joshua Lederberg to Rudolf F. Vollman



July 20, 1966 Dr. Ihado1f.F. Vollmann Hational Institutes of Health Bethesda, Maryland 20014 w 'Dear D"I. Vollmann: ! I am embarrassed to have to tell you that I had dictated a rather lengthy letter sosm time ago but that something happened to the tape and I have not had the patience to repeat the process. In any case, I had only some rather ineffectual answers to your very valid criticisms concerning: the hope of getting somewhere with the analysis of seasonal variation on births. These are perhaps matters that are better dealt with in private discu6sion in any case, and 3 hope there will be some opportunities for it. I certainly did very much enjoy the discussion that we had in Palo Alto, and I do hope there will be more like that in the future. The main purpose of my writing is to express the hope that we have not lost the initiative of continuing with the processing for computer hand- ling of the very magnificent file of data that you discussed with us. If there are any obstacles or uncertainties or hesitations about which I could be of any assistance whatsoever please let me know. I would be rery disappointed to find that there was some'inertial obstacle, since I know that my friends at Syntex really are very much interested in SUJ~- porting this activity. Have you been able to work out some of the tactical problems? Another pofnt that I wanted to ask you about was some insight into the present status of the perinatal mortality study, and particularly to ask you what the routes of access to the data are. I am very confbed about how investigators like myself might be able to get various questions answered, and this of course is also connected with what the present status of the data collection is. Dr. Hirsch joins in sending very best regards. Sincerely yours, Joshua Lederberg Professor of Genetics

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