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The politicization of public appeals in Communist Party bodies in Western Ukraine in the late 80s of the XX century

  • Requirements
  • Letters
  • Democratization
  • Complaints
  • Politicization
  • Appeals
  • звернення
  • листи
  • скарги
  • політизація
  • компартійна влада
  • вимоги
  • демократизація
  • політико-економічне становище
  • незалежність України
  • 94: 329. 15 ] (477. 82) "1988 - 1990"
  • письма
  • жалобы
  • обращения
  • политизация
  • компартийная власть
  • требования
  • политико-экономическое положение
  • независимость Украины
  • Communist Party Authorities
  • Political And Economic Situation
  • Independence Of Ukraine


In the second half of the 80s of the twentieth century the biggest country in the world - the Soviet Union is covered by a deep social and economic crisis that resulted from the autocratic nature of its political agenda and permanently low level of financial standing of the country. This makes the communist leaders of the Soviet Union decide to implement political and economic reforms known as "perestroika". Simulating updates and trying to keep the pro-government monopoly Communist Party authorities causes public dissatisfaction, which, not least, is expressed in numerical regional Communist Party correspondence.Particularly significant disappointment in the tenets of communist doctrine was expressed in the western regions of the USSR - the region of extremely stable national nation-oriented and deep tradition. The rapid deployment of the national democratic movement led to the politicization of complaints of patriotic inhabitants of Western Ukraine, which was indicative of the growth of anti- liberation aspirations of the brand, aimed at the restoration of state independence of Ukraine. Thus, letters sent to western regional Communist Party committees largely cease to carry social and economic nature, and turn to political pamphlets with the requirements of the destruction of the communist regime in Ukraine.

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