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Establishment and DNA microarray analysis of docetaxel-resistant bladder cancer cell line

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  • 방광암
  • Bladder Cancer
  • Docetaxel 약제 내성
  • Docetaxel-Resistant
  • Microarray
  • Microarray Analysis
  • Biology
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Purpose: Docetaxel is a secondary chemotherapeutic agent in the treatment of advanced bladder cancer which is refractory to conventional chemotherapy. This study was designed to develop docetaxel resistant bladder cancer cell line and to elucidate the mechanism of docetaxel-resistance by performing the comparative microarray analysis. Materials and Methods: We established the docetaxel-resistant bladder cancer cell line, T24DR10 (resistant at 10¥ìg/ml of docetaxel), which showed 19-fold resistant to docetaxel by the stepwise exposure of increasing concentrations of docetaxel. We performed global gene expression analyses of the T24 and T24DR10 using microarray technology (AB 1700 Full Genome Expression Human Microarray) and PANTHER classification system (Applied Biosystems). The gene expression of T24DR10 was compared with that of T24 with the change and the binomial test in PANTHER ontology system. Results: The up-regulated and down-regulated genes of T24DR10 were compared to a reference genes (NCBI: H. sapiens genes). The 4-fold change was used as criteria for clustering in the PANTHER system. Apoptosis inhibitory signaling pathway such as IGF2R, IKBKB, BIRC2, FAS, AKT1 were significantly down-regulated in T24DR10, which was primarily representative of the death receptor pathway. The up-regulated biological processes in T24DR10 was cell proliferation, especially mitosis such as MGC8685, MGC16703, TUBA1, TUBB4. Conclusions: The down regulation of apoptosis signaling pathway and up regulation of cell proliferation could play an important role in docetaxel- resistance in bladder cancer cell line. * Note: The text above is the abstract of the thesis. You can use the full-text by clicking the "Link" (URL) of item record and the viewer program will be installed automatically. In case of having problem with the viewer program installation, please download it manually using this url

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