75th Birthday of Professor Josef Horák

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75th Birthday of Professor Josef Horák

Croatian Society of Chemical Engineers; [email protected]


Cabeq 2010-01 verzija 3.vp A tribute and an introduction to Professor Horák's paper 75 th Birthday of Professor Josef Horák On 28 September 2009, Pro- fessor Josef Horák, DSc celebrated his 75th birthday in full creative swing as the senior scientist at the Department of Organic Technology of the Institute of Chemical Tech- nology Prague (ICT). This distinguished Czech che- mist and internationally recognised scientist graduated from ICT in 1957, where he also received his PhD degree in 1962, and DSc de- gree in 1976 (the highest title in the Czech Republic for merits in the field). In 1979 he became full pro- fessor at the Institute, where he had mainly been teaching organic tech- nology, heterogeneous catalysis, re- action engineering, toxicology, and ecology. He mentored many a grad- uate (MSc degree) and postgraduate students (PhD de- gree). His lifelong research has been focused on chemical reaction engineering. Professor Horák’s scientific achievements have been published in more than 150 sci- entific papers, review articles, and books. He greatly contributed to the development of kinetic engineering and played the key role in defining the scientific profile of the Department from the 1960s to 1980s. Professor Horák is a “chemist’s chemical engi- neer”, always ready to help his fellows with encyclo- paedic knowledge. Today he provides expertise in safety in chemical industry (mathematical models, analysis of disaster scenarios, risk assessment) and safe control of exothermic reac- tors (early warning systems and modelling). He is one of the rare scientists who has been incorporat- ing fundamental research into in- dustrial applications. Professor Horák was the Pres- ident of the Czechoslovak Chemical Society (1990); he is a honorary member of the Czech Society of Chemical Engineering, and long time editor-in-chief of the journal Chemický Prùmysl (Chemical In- dustry) and also of Chemické Listy. He is a member of various univer- sity and government bodies. Not only is

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