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예비교사 대학생 맞춤형 여가 교육 프로그램 개발

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  • 행복
  • 여가교육
  • 몰입
  • 프로그램
  • Education


The purpose of this study is to develop a customized leisure education program for pre-service teachers by exploring their daily life happiness. To accomplish this objective, the current study investigated the daily life happiness among 155 pre-service teachers and identified three following features: 1) there was a difference between the activity that students most participate and the activity that students felt happiness most; 2) students were happier in evening compared to other temporal index; and 3) students were happier on weekend compared to week days. Based on the results, the current study developed a leisure activity program held twice a week. The program specifically focused on four domains including meaning category, immersion category, leisure activity category, and happiness experience category. The pre-service teachers are expected to experience happiness as well as the educative value of happiness through the current program. The current leisure education program for pre-service elementary school teachers has significant implications for scholars and practitioners in several ways. Academic and educational expected effectiveness are as follows: 1) Academic expected effectiveness A. Building a firm base for research related to pre-service elementary school teachers

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