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Digitalizacija građe posebnih fondova Narodne biblioteke Srbije

Narodna biblioteka Srbije
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  • L. Information Technology And Library Technology.


Before the start of the Project of Digitalization of the Material, hold by the National Library of Serbia, it is indispensable to make detailed preparations, that implies the plan of digitalization and the selection of the Material. On the other side, it is important to prepare the Material for the restauration, if needed, as well as for the conversion into the microfilm format, which is the intermediary media to the finalization into the digital document. In this Paper, one can find, the process which gives the path to the formation of the Digital Collections, their sequences and some reflections of several authors regarding this theme. The Digitalization of the Material from the Special Collections has significant importance for the National Library of Serbia and its users, as well as for the Preservation and Representation of the Serbian Cultural Treasures, within its Holdings. The Proposal of Sequences for this Project is specified here, within the brief description of each Collection, which are kept in the Funds of this Department.

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