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Travelling to school: an action plan

Department for Education and Skills
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4962-Travelling to School-Cover Travelling to School: an action plan T R A V E L L I N G T O S C H O O L : A N A C T I O N P L A N 1 Foreword Each day during the school term millions of pupils and their parents travel from home to school in the morning, and make the return trip in the afternoon. Many pupils living close to school walk, with those living further away travelling mainly by bus or by car. The school journey affects public transport patterns, causes localised congestion around schools and contributes to the sharp road traffic peak around nine o’clock each morning. Over the past 20 years the proportion of children travelling to school by car has almost doubled, yet many live close enough to school to walk. Many older children would like to cycle, but are worried about safety or lack secure cycle storage facilities in their schools. Other pupils would like to travel by bus, but there may not be a service available at the right time. If one is available it may be too expensive, particularly for families with two or more children, or else children may feel intimidated by bullying or other anti-social behaviour. This action plan for schools, local authorities and DfES is one of two documents we are publishing. Its sister document Travelling to school: a good practice guide describes what schools, local authorities and bus operators around the country have been doing to promote walking, cycling and public transport and combat increasing car use. We want to bring about a step change in home to school travel patterns to cut congestion and pollution, but also to allow many more pupils to take regular exercise. This document sets out how we want to help and reward schools that commit themselves to increasing the proportion of pupils walking and cycling or – for those living some distance from school – catching the bus. There are already 2,000 schools that have adopted this agenda and many have found that it is surprisingly eas

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