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El exilio pirenaico hacia Francia: el caso de una familia ribagorzana según la correspondencia femenina (siglos XIX y XX)

Institut Ramon Muntaner
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This article aims to expose some of the questions through the study of specific cases of persons who emigrated to France during a time period, but that finally settled down there. The path to emigration had already ‘been opened’ by former people from the same town, being the destination a sort of ‘eldorado’ for the future. Thanks to the correspondence of some families, essentially that of a single woman that left her town with her family being a child. One can distinguish several types of human relationships, concerning the town of origin, France and the French as well as with the ‘refugees’ of the Civil War from 1936. The final picture allows the understanding from the dramatic moment of the emigration to the dreamed and mythic of an –imaginary- country, the Pyrenean people.

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