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Internal and external adaptation of firms in relation to employment. Communication from the Commission. COM (87) 229 final, 13 May 1987

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COMMISSION OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES COM(87) 229 final COMC87) 229 final Brussels, 13 May 1987 INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL ADAPTATiON OF FIRMS IN RELATION TO EMPLOYMENT (Communication from the Commission) - - - INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL ADAPTATION OF FIRMS IN RELATION TO EMPLOYMENT (Current trends and conclusions) I. Introduction In its Resolutio~ of 22 December 1986 on an action programme for employment growth, the Council attaches particular importa~c~ to greater efficiency of the Labour markets both inside and outside firms. Such adaptab~lity needs to be achieved on several levels so as t6 help: reduce the high level of unemployment and mobiliz~ human resou~ces ~nd. will require the establishment of rapid and-efficient placement services,~ broader mutual recognition of v6cat1onal qualifications and skills and the elimination of obstacles to the development of new forms of work whilst bearing in mind the need for social and employment safeguards._ In the same context, during its November 1986 part-session. the European Parliament_also adopted a number of Resolutions on the restructuring of the employment markets. - Furthermore, also in the same perspective, the Council adopi~d a Commission action programme for the SME in its Resolution of 3 November 1986. --· The accomplishment of the objectives of the strategy of cooperation on growth and employment proposed by the Commission is crucially dependent on a fruitful dialogue between the social parth~rs' in which the Commission has been engaged since 1985 with UNICE, CEEP and the ETUC. . It is against this background that the Commission is submitting this file on the internal and external adaptation of firms in relation to employment. Current trends in this field are studied from the following five viewpoints: organization and content of work in relation to training and information; - adaptation of working time; -multiplicity of employment contracts: wage adaptation; - dismiss

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